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General Classroom:

Reducing Waste in the Classroom,
Office and Home

Energy Saving Tips and Tricks
Classroom Curriculum Party Guide
Why Every Child Needs Empowerment

Outdoor Education:

Nature Activities for Young Children
Camping, Canoeing and Hiking with Children

Science & Technology:

Main Science Index
Science and Craft Concoctions
Advanced Science Experiments
Edible Science Experiments
Very Strange Science
Science of Energy

Solar Energy
Wind Energy
Chemical Energy
Kinetic and Potential Energy
Electrical Energy
Insulation & Conductivity Experiments

Cryogenics: Very Cold Science
Grade 4: Light and Sound Ideas
Crystal Growing Experiments
Lemonade Rocketry Page
All About Corn
Science Fair How-To Guide


Homemade Math Games
and Manipulatives

Language & Literacy:

Recommended Children's Books
Book Report Form
Harry Potter Themed Resources
Free Printable Word Games
Curriculum-Based Classroom Party Plans


Exploring History

Early Childhood:

Preschool Activity Index
Nature for Young Children
Kid Concoctions
All About Corn
Parachute Games


Games: Unplugged
(for Indoors and Out)

Summer Games and Activities

Life Skills:

Kid-Friendly Food Recipes
Special Occasion Baking Recipes

Arts / Crafts / Seasonal /Special Occasions:

Craft Idea Index

Gifts Kids Can Make Themselves
Gifts to Make for Pets
Charity-Related Gifts & Projects
Party Ideas


Why Every Child Needs Empowerment
Learning Through Unschooling
Record Keeping Tips For Unschoolers

The Lemonade Blog

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External Links:

General Education Sites
Educational Philosophy

Sir Ken Robinson Speaks on the Importance of Creativity
Raffi's Centre for Child Honouring
On the Perils of Misguided Praise

Curriculum-Related General Education Sites

The Ontario Curriculum Online
Open Courseware: The Ultimate Collection
Better Explained: Didn't Get it the first Time? Need a Refresher? Try this site.
Is it a Cheetah? An excellent article about gifted children
Exploratorium: Quick Videos and Activiies in a Wide Range of Topics
Mr. Donn's Site--Online Curriculum Resources Index
Online Homework Helper
Repositories of Primary Sources
Ted Talks: Ideas Worth Spreading

Homeschooling Sites

The Ontario Federation Of Teaching Parents
Open Courseware: The Ultimate Collection
TVO Your Voice Homeschooling Episode Online
Sarah Rainsberger's High School & Post Secondary Blog for Homeschoolers
Life Learning Homeschooling Resources
Institutional Learning vs. Free Thought: A YouTube Video
Life Learning Magazine
Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning
Articles and Interviews with John Taylor Gatto
Radio Free School
Engineering Megasite of Applied Math and Science for Grades K-12
MIT Open Courses (free) for Highschool Students and Undergrads
A-Z Homeschool Resources--International Site
How to Make a Lapbook
Ten Things You Really Need to Know
Khan Academy
Ted Talks: Ideas Worth Spreading

Science and Related Topics

The Story of Stuff
The Encyclopedia of Life--All Known Species in the World!
Arkive: Kid-Friendly Encyclopedia of Endangered and Threatened Species
I-Lab Central Virtual Laboratory
Virtual Museum of Canada--educational games and resources
Science Tube: chemistry and physics experiments for older kids and teens
CBC's Quirks and Quarks
Astronomy lessons for kids 7-18
How Stuff Works
Maillardette's Automaton (The Invention of Hugo Cabret) at the Franklin Institute
Online videos of manufacturing processes
Make Magazine Kids' Archives
Toronto Zoo Animal Fact Sheets
Hinterland Video Clips and Fact Sheets
The Electronics Club: Electronics Projects and Resources
Immune System Online video Game
Toronto Area Science Happenings
Engineering Megasite of Applied Math and Science Activities and Resources for Grades K-12
My Green Conscience: Franke James' Visual Essays
How to Build Your Own Cosmic Ray Detector
Also see: The Lemonade Science Index for more science activities and links

Mathematics and Computing

Make math games and manipulatives from everyday items
Scratch: MIT's kid's programming language (free download)
Easy Explanations for Advanced Math and Computing
CEMC: Home of the UW Mathematics Competitions (loads of math resources)
Project Euler: Math and Computational Challenges
Wolfram Alpha Computational Search Engine--Subjects, dates, formulae and more: this site is a must see!
Khan Academy Online Instructional Math Videos--Large Range of Topics
Vi Hart's Hilarious Math Videos
See also: The Lemonade Math Page for more projects and math-related links

History, Geography, Social Studies

The Centre for International Governance Innovation
History Projects: Bringing History to Life
Test Your Geography Knowledge Here
Online Custom Map Maker (Historical maps++)
An inspiring slide-show about our global community
How Laws are Made in Canada
Brainy History Site
Using Primary Sources in Multi-Media Presentations
Enrich Your Vocabulary and Donate Rice for Free
The Story of Stuff
Animated Geology of Rivers
Geological Survey of Canada: Educational Resources
My Green Conscience: Franke James' Visual Essays


Free Rice: Vocabulary, Grammar and other Quizzes for Charity
BBC Language Learning Site
Loris Lesynski's Poetry Site
Lemonade Recommended Children's Reading List
Project Gutenberg: Over 6000 Free Ebooks and Growing
NaNoWriMo's Young Writers Program
The Lemonade Writing Page


Why the Arts are Important in Education
Google Art Project: Bringing you inside the world's museums
National Gallery of Canada
Art Gallery of Ontario
M. C. Escher Official Website
Centre for Canadian Contemporary Art
Popular Children's Songs with Lyrics
National Ballet of Canada Education Page
Socan's List of Online Music Education Resources
Music Theory Online Including Some Excellent Templates
Practice Spot Music Theory Games & Tools
Free Online Music Theory Lessons
Music Notes Online Sheet Music Store With Custom Transposing


Have a question? Find the answer here
How to Make a Lapbook
A great sewing site for beginners
Online Homework Helper
Lemonade Blog