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Enchanted Forest Party

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Theme Cakes

  Fire-Breathing Dragon
  Wizard Hat
  Sand Castle
  Sword in the Stone
  Volcano--ice cream
Edible Aquarium

Seasonal Cakes

  Dirt Cake
  Tent Cake
  Swimming Pool
  Haunted Graveyard
  Jack O'Lantern Cake
  Construction Site
  Snowman Cupcakes
  Christmas Tree
  Summer Cloud Cake


  candy clay insects


  Candy Clay
  Wilton Easy-Pour Fondant Icing
  Rich Caramel Icing
  No-Fail Cream Cheese Icing
  Easy Chocolate Topping
  Homemade Ice Cream
  Fruity Sauce
  Yogurt Sauce
  How to Make a Healthier Cake
  Recipes for Holiday Baking & Entertaining