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Summer Fun and Games

Cool Stuff to Do

Launch your own rocket
Build a Paper Mache Creature
Plant a Play Fort
Tie-Dye a Rainbow
Build a Solar Cooker
Go Camping
Try Geocaching
  (the easier finds do not require a GPS--just choose a cache then
map it online on Google Maps or Mapquest ahead of your trip)

Make your Own Compass

Outdoor Games (click for rules)

Hide and Seek
Kick the Can
Capture the Flag
Trail Blazers
Tag (and variations)
Field Quidditch

Swimming Games

Pool Quidditch
Marco Polo
Treasure Dive

Preschool Activites

Nature Activities
Painting With Young Children

Feeling Hungry?

Homemade Ice Cream
Berry Baskets
Homemade Lemonade
Summer Cloud Cake
Solar Cooker Smores
Follow this link to build a solar cooker as above, then place in it a cookie topped with a flat piece of chocolate, a marshmallow and another cookie. Heat until squishy and enjoy! You can take a shortcut by using the President's Choice Concerto cookies which come with the chocolate already attached to the cookie.

lemonade lemonade lemonade

More Games for Indoors and Out

More Summertime
Lemonade Links

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 family favourites

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 pre-tested science concoctions here

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 recipes will hit the spot

 gift Click here for cool gifts
 you can make yourself

 dog Click here for cool gifts
 you can make for your dog or cat

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