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Electricity Experiments

Simple Circuits Build a Dry Cell Battery Potato Battery Homemade Electromagnet
Energy Detective Static Attraction AC/DC Conductivity

Kinetic and Potential Energy

Catapults Rube Goldberg Machines Homemade Marble Runs Bucket Spin Springs: A "Slinky Linky"
Salad Spinner Art Rubber Band Vehicles Flywheel Battery Funderstanding Rollercoasters Pendulum of Peril

Chemical Energy

Rockets Rusty Heat Elephant Toothpaste Easy Endothermic Reaction
Classic Mentos Geyser Hot Ice Balloon Inflator Endothermic Polymer

Wind and Air Power

Stomp Rockets LED Station Balloon Power Pinwheel Weather Vane Feeling the Pressure

Solar Power

Solar Cooker Solar Dehydrator Solar Concentrator Solar Still
Sun Bleaching Heat Sinks Black and White Chlorophyll Collector


Baking Ice Cream Black and White Cool it, Melt it Heat Sinks Air and Water

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