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The following printouts are available free for you to enjoy for your own personal and single-classroom use. Please request permission from myself before using for other purposes. Please keep waste to a minimum and only print what you need and use both sides of the paper when printing.

"Madlibs" are stories in which you supply some of the words to make the story interesting. Start by filling in the word chart with words that match that part of speech i.e. noun=squigee adjective=hairy etc. This is good practice for identifying parts of speech while having a little fun. Next read back the story inserting the words you provided in the spaces. Share the story with a friend.

You can also do this as a group activity by taking turns providing words then read the story aloud to the group. It's a great humourous yet calming activity for classrooms and birthday parties.

Back to School Word Document
Back to School PDF

Dr. Frankenstein PDF

The Haunted House PDF

Camp Letter Word Document
Camp Letter PDF

Medieval Madlib Quickie Word Document
Medieval Madlib Quickie PDF

Mother's Day Word Document
Mother's Day PDF

The Night Before Christmas Word Document
The Night Before Christmas PDF

Christmas Baking Word Document
Christmas Baking PDF

The Lost Viking Explorers Word Document
The Lost Viking Explorers PDF

Captain Joe's Swashbuckling Adventure PDF

Word Searches:
Halloween Fun PDF
Halloween Challenge PDF
Harry Potter
Pentagonal Chocolate Frog Box

For personal use only, this is a print, cut and paste hexagonal box you can use for your chocolate frogs. See the Harry Potter recipe page for a popping chocolate frog recipe and other Harry Potter recipes.

Chocolate Frog Box
Folding Diagram For The Frog Box

Math Game Patterns

Tangram Pattern
Algebra Tile Template
Labyrinth File Folder Game
Black: A Strategic Road Building File Folder Game
Birdcage Path Building Game
Corners Strategy Game

For more on tangrams & other math games & enrichment activities,
see the math page here. Book Report Form:

This is a basic book report form. Of course, there are many different and creative ways to present a book report, but this form covers the basics and can serve as a solid starting point for more creative presentations.

Book Report Form Word Document
Book Report Form PDF

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Magnetic Poetry:

Use your computer printer to print these pages onto a printable magnetic sheet available at your local office supply store. Have a responsible adult cut out the words using an exacto knife and a straight edge (score the white side deeply, then bend and snap the line). You can also use tin snips or a paper cutter.

Magnetic Poetry Word Document