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GLAST: NASA's Newest Space Telescope
Lemonade On-Site Science Resources:

Science Concoctions

Magic Mud
Paper Mache Paste
Paper Mulch Dough
Easy Finger Paint
Snow Dough
Painting with Crystals
The Best Playdough Ever
Silly Putty
Baker's Clay
Cinnamon Applesauce Dough
10-Second Water Paint
Invisible Ink 1
Invisible Ink 2
Balloon Inflator

Edible Science

Edible Model Cell
Yeast Bread
Sourdough Bread
Dancing Raisins
Whipping Cream & Making Butter
Baked Alaska
Ice Cream
Dry Ice Ice Cream
Crystal String Candy
Frozen Crystal Pops
Candy Making

Advanced Activities

Science Fair How-To Guide
Reappearing Ink Trick
Dry Ice Experiments
Smoky "Dementor" Bubbles
The Screaming Spoon
Dry Ice Ice-Cream
Dry Ice Rockets
Science at Extremely Cold Temperatures
Cabbage Water Indicator
Easy Tie-Dye
Natural Dye Recipes
Batik Crinkle Technique

Rocketry 101: Model Rocketry for Beginners

Nature Activities

 Daisy & Dandelion Chains 
 Pond & Stream Study 
 Micro Worlds 
 Nature Table 
 Star Gazing 
 Nature Journal 
 Rocks & Minerals 
 Owl Pellets 
 Weird Animals 

Plant Activities

Colourful Capilliaries
Herbal Spa
Saving Seeds
Phototropic Star Finders
Plant a Fort
Nature's Garden

Science of Energy

 Electrical   Kinetic   Chemical   Solar   Wind   Insulation 

Strange Science

Weird Life Forms
Disappearing Eggshell Trick
Unboil an Egg
Mobius Magic
Quantum Quandry
Cryogenics: Very Cold Science


Growing Crystals
Crystal Stars and Snowflakes
Crystal Gardens
Crystals you can Eat
Crystal Art
Bath Crystals

Light and Sound Classroom Party

Cup and String Phones

The Science of Soap

Math Games and Manipulatives

Make a Base 10 Set
Craft Stick Regrouping
Jack's Beans
Candy (or Pasta) Math
Pentominoes and Tangrams
Make Your Own Mancala Game (+ Rules)
Coordinates With Homemade Battleship Game
Laundry and Cooking: Everyday Math at Home

All About Corn

Paper Mache Paste
Magic Mud
Floating Layers: Density Experiment
Grow the Three Sisters


Lemonade Science Fair How-To Guide
Free Printable Activities
Light and Sound Activities
Build a Catapult
Making Paper (right sidebar)
Chromatography Butterflies
Number Tricks
Ice Lanterns (right sidebar)
Fireless Fireworks
Rubber Chicken Bones


External Links:

Physics and Astronomy Sites

Free Online Astronomy Lessons
The Particle Adventure: Fundamentals of Matter and Force
Build it Yourself: Toys and Gizmos
How Stuff Works
Physics.org--popular physics for all ages
Films & Animations of Physics Demonstrations
Marvin and Milo: Physics for Kids
Maillardette's Automaton (The Invention of Hugo Cabret)
Build a Toothpick Trebuchet
365 Days of Astronomy--Daily Podcast In Honour of the International Year of Astronomy
Introduction to Particle Physics
NASA Model Rocket Pages
US Model Rockets Science Fair Guidelines
Easy Low-Cost Paper Rocket Plans
Low-Cost Launch System for Youth Groups to Build
More Paper Rocket Models to Build
Estes Rocketry 101
Canadian Association of Physicists Contest
Engineering Megasite of Applied Math and Science Activities and Resurces for Grades K-12
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics--Outreach programs and the Q2C Festival
Physics Podcasts--Variety of Sources
A Capella Physics Music Videos

Chemistry Sites

Periodic Table Videos from the University of Nottingham
Sciencetube Chemistry and Physics Experiments (for older kids)
Chemical Institute of Canada's Annual Crystal Growing Contest
Interactive Online Periodic Table
Impossible Chemistry--Beyond Paradoxes

Biology Sites

Arkive: Kid-Friendly Encyclopedia of Wildlife Species
Toronto Zoo
Hinterland Video Clips and Fact Sheets
The Encyclopedia of Life--All Known Species in the World!
Owl Pellet Dissection: Free Printables and Resources
Virtual Surgery and Dissection

Technology Sites

Online videos of manufacturing processes
Scratch: MIT's latest computer programming language for kids (free download)
Build it Yourself: Toys and Gizmos
How Stuff Works
Maillardette's Automaton (The Invention of Hugo Cabret)
Build a Toothpick Trebuchet
Engineering Megasite of Applied Math and Science Activities and Resources for Grades K-12
Make Magazine Kids' Archives
The Electronics Club: Electronics Projects and Resources
Simple Explanations for Advanced Math and Computing
All About Water Rockets And How to Build Your Own

Social Sciences Sites

The Story of Stuff--Where Things Come From
An inspiring slide-show about our global community
Survival of the Kindest

Geological Sciences Sites

Animated Geology of Rivers
Geological Survey of Canada: Educational Resources

General Science Sites

Lemonade Science Fair How-To Guide
Stepping Up: The Ultimate Science Fair Preparation Guide
Open Courseware: The Ultimate Collection
MIT Open Courses (free) for Highschool Students and Undergrads
Canadian Association for Girls in Science
Ask for Kids--Ask a question, get an answer
Steve Spangler Simple Science Experiments
Wolfram Alpha Computational Search Engine--A Must See!
Virtual Museum of Canada
Science Hound Science Fair Projects
CBC's Quirks and Quarks (popular science radio show)
Interactive Science Simulations
The Happy Scientist
Simple Explanations for Advanced Math and Computing
Canadian Math Contests
University of Waterloo Grade 12 Physics, Chemistry and Computing Contests
Toronto Area Science Happenings
350: A Prescription for Planetary Health

Homeschooling Sites

The Ontario Federation Of Teaching Parents
Open Courseware: The Ultimate Collection
TVO Your Voice Homeschooling Episode Online
Life Learning Homeschooling Resources
Institutional Learning vs. Free Thought: A YouTube Video Worth Watching
Life Learning Magazine
Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning
Articles and Interviews with John Taylor Gatto
Radio Free School
MIT Open Courses (free) for Highschool Students and Undergrads
A-Z Homeschool Resources--International Site

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.
It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.
Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed."
                          -Albert Einstein